We’re bringing the first electric minibus & charging solution to South Africa

At flx EV we’re doing whatever it takes to make electric minibus taxis viable and to kickstart an EV economy in the largest passenger transport sector in South Africa

What we provide

As an early-stage electric vehicle company based in Cape Town – we are dedicated to driving the transition to e-mobility in the minibus taxi industry of South Africa. Our turnkey solution includes:

Electric minibus taxis

Public charging solutions

Asset finance

Leading the way to decarbonisation

The minibus taxi industry play a vital role in the passenger transport sector of South Africa, accounting for 80% of public transport trips (NHTS,2020). The industry has however been a significant contributor to air pollution and carbon emissions.

At flx ev, we believe that there is a massive opportunity to decarbonize this 
hard-to-decarbonize industry, and we are leading the charge with our
 innovative electric minibus and charging hub solution.

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Get a head start by in the transition to electric transportation. 

About the electric minibus taxi

Our electric minibus is tailored for the minibus taxi industry, seating up to 15 passengers, and closely mimics existing minibuses.

Equipped with the latest technology, including fast-charging batteries and advanced safety features.



km per charge



15: (2+3+3+3+4)
Max Power



Max Torque


Newton metres


3 980kg (1720 / 2260)

5380 x 1880 x 2285 mm

Switching is easy

With flx ev, you can enjoy all the benefits of e-mobility without sacrificing reliability or performance. 

The charging network

We don’t just stop at the vehicle. We also provide a comprehensive charging network to ensure that our customers have access to reliable and convenient fast-charging sites. 

From experience, we understand day to day taxi industry operations, and have learned that off-peak operating times are ideal for charging your e-MBT. 

These hubs will be located close to taxi ranks across the city, providing easy access to affordable fast-charging at any time of day.

Maintenance and warranty

When it comes to maintaining your electric minibus, flx ev has you covered. Our vehicles have fewer moving parts compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, which means less wear and tear and a longer lifespan. We also offer extended warranties to give you even more peace of mind. And in the unlikely event that you do need a spare part, our team is trained and equipped to get you back on the road in a flash.

Reducing your costs

In addition to the benefits for the environment, transitioning to electric transportation can also lead to significant cost savings. Electric vehicles have lower running costs than ICE vehicles, due to factors such as cheaper fuel and lower maintenance costs. 

Easy Financing

And with our asset finance solutions, we make it easy for minibus taxi operators to afford the transition to electric and benefit from the savings electric has to offer.

Community led

At flx EV, we are committed to working with the local taxi industry to bring charging facilities to taxi ranks around South Africa. We are dedicated to providing easy-to-access charging infrastructure at these locations with the local industry and associations as partners in this initiative.

By partnering with us, taxi rank owners and drivers can access the flx EV network whenever they have downtime, ensuring that their electric minibus is always ready to hit the road.

Project Awards

Winner of the 2022 uYilo grant
Finalist in the 2022 ITF decarbonising transport initiative
Winner of the 2022 green pitch challenge in pre-venture category
Winner of 2022 DT4A program
Winner of 2022 Climate Finance Accelerator program